What is the difference between mid-drive and hub-driven motors?

Both motors are often pinned against each other - and unfairly so. Both mid-drive and hub-drive systems offer the rider different advantages and behaviours; ultimately enriching the riding experience in line with their desired activity or pursuit.
i. Mid motors amplify the riders input often making the rider feel superhuman (or back to the good old days). With amplification sometimes as high as 100%, this is especially advantageous when riders are willing/ready to put effort into the pedals in order to get the most out… often this means being able to get up that steep hill without dismounting or keeping up with the quicker pack. Ultimately though, this drive system requires effort to be put in to get assistance back.
ii. Hub drive motors are the guardian angels of the drive systems. Usually controlled by cadence sensors, the hub motor engages and supports the rider with the desired level of assistance as soon as the pedals rotate. This leaves the rider to decide what amount of effort they are putting into pedalling to achieve their desired level of assistance. When paired with a torque sensor, a similar ride experience to that of a mid-motor can be achieved (amplification of effort) with the added sensation of rear propulsion.