iGO Electric is proud to partner with Earth Day Canada providing electric bike test-ride locations across Canada during their Electric Earth Day 2022 initiative.

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The goals of the Electric Earth Day initiative are to:

  • Accelerate the adoption of electrified vehicles in Canada

  • Inform the public about the use and impacts of electrified vehicles

  • Highlight electrified vehicle dealerships across Canada

  • Contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by helping Canadians switch to electric mobility

learn about all Earth Day Canada’s initiatives for April 22nd and everyday at earthday.ca

What makes an iGO Electric Bike the best choice for the environment?

  • Zero Emissions
    As electric bike is propelled by a combination of human power and battery power - with no reliance on gas or diesel to run - they release no harmful carbon emissions.

  • Lower Carbon Footprint
    Using vehicles that do not emit carbon by-products is one of the best ways to ensure a greener environment as they are an effective tool in the struggle to reduce the effects of global warming. Studies have shown switching to electric bikes can reduce our carbon footprint by up to 50%*

  • Infrastructure Repair
    As a lighter weight vehicle, the electric bike produces less wear and tear on a road surface (which is not the most eco-friendly substance). Less maintenance of the transport infrastructure not only lowers the costs of repair to the community but also reduces the use of the heavy machinery required to perform the repairs.

  • Air Pollution
    Major city hubs have a problem with air pollution. In addition to the environmental effect of the pollution this smog can lead to respiratory and other health issues. Increased electric bikes use in built up areas can greatly reduce smog.

  • Noise Pollution
    Noise pollution is more than a nuisance. Studies have shown that there are direct links between noise and health** Electric bikes are near silent. This benefits the rider and the community in general.

*Research study carried out by CREDS ‘e-bike carbon savings – how much and where?’ Jillian Anable
**U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ‘What is Noise Pollution?’

What makes an iGO Electric Bike the best choice for you?

  • Efficient Mode of Transport
    Shorter journeys are more efficient on an electric bike than a car as the electric bike requires less power to travel the same distance (the electric bicycle has a more efficient power transfer). They can also access areas and require less space to maneuver making them a good way to relieve congestion around city hubs.

    An electric bike is not restricted to a schedule like a bus or train allowing the rider freedom to move where and when they want and at their own pace.

    The cost of an electric bike is much lower in the long run than either a car or public transport as charging the bikes battery is a fraction of the cost of using fuel.

  • Increased Cycling Distance
    The average yearly distance traveled by an electric bike owner is more than the rider of a non electric bike. Electric bikes reduce muscle fatigue. They have extra power to get you to your location. They can travel quickly, with less effort and the rider can arrive sweat free. All of these are contributing factors that make an electric bike rider more likely to take their bike than reach for the car keys.

  • Health Benefits
    The human power required to ride an electric bike is controlled by the rider. Any level of ‘work out’ is a benefit to the body and the exercise from riding an electric bike is substantial. It can improve cardiovascular health***, heart health as well as helping to improve general wellbeing, muscle tone, reduce stress and improve quality of sleep.

  • FUN!
    Did we mention that riding an electric bike is fun?
    Almost seems too obvious to mention. Riding an electric bike puts a smile on your face.
    Test ride an iGO electric bike to experience this for yourself.

*Research study carried out by CREDS ‘e-bike carbon savings – how much and where?’ Jillian Anable
**U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ‘What is Noise Pollution?’

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