Troubleshooting Common Problems with Your iGO Electric eBike

Troubleshooting Common Problems with Your iGO Electric eBike

Thank you for choosing iGO Electric!

If you encounter any issues with your eBike's functionality, don't worry—our team is here to assist you. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you diagnose and resolve common problems:

1. Power Issues: My eBike Won't Turn On

If your eBike isn't turning on, follow these steps:
      • Check the battery: Press the battery status button to view the remaining charge level of the battery. If needed, remove the battery from the eBike for easier access to the button.

      • Charge the battery fully: Connect the charger to the charge port on the battery, then plug it into a wall socket. The charger's light should turn red to indicate charging. The light will turn green when charging is complete.

      • Inspect connections: Ensure the battery and bike connections are clean and undamaged.

      • Reinstall the battery: Place the battery back into the bike and try turning it on.

      • Display power button: Make sure the power button on the display is working properly.


2. Motor Assist Problems

Once the eBike is on, are you having any problems with motor assist? One common issue with hub motor bikes is that the motor becomes unplugged. The wire to the motor can sometimes get snagged or pulled when loading the bike into a car or on a rack, or maybe when riding through the bush.

For motor assistance issues, follow these steps:
      • Check motor connection: If motor assistance is inconsistent or absent, the motor wire might be disconnected. Locate the motor wire plug under the chainstay on the right side of the bike, near the chain. Ensure both sides of the plug are securely connected.


3. Unusual Noises

Is your bike making an unusual noise? While riding, while pedalling or not? Does the noise stop when the motor is off? Does applying the brakes change the noise? Checks like these can help to pinpoint the source of noises.

To address unusual noises, follow these tips:

      • Disc brake sounds: Noises like scraping or squealing may come from the disc brakes and change when brakes are applied.

      • Chain and drivetrain noises: Pedal-related sounds come from the chain and drivetrain and cease when pedaling stops. Check the pedals too.

      • Motor-related noises: Mechanical noises might originate from the motor. Test with motor assist on and off to determine if noises correlate.


Contacting Support

If you're unable to resolve the issue, please complete the Support Request Form, and an iGO Customer Support Representative will respond to your request in a timely manner. Make sure to have these details ready as you will need them to complete your Support Request:

  • Photos of the bike
  • Serial number
  • Proof of purchase


Thank you for choosing iGO! Remember, the future is electric.